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After a long, cold winter, the hottest summer of the century carried into early September, when short rains allowed the grapes to finish the growing cycle.
Unlike the rest of Piemonte, in Gattinara, the intense heat did not result in excessive maturation of the grapes, due to the large drop in temperature during the night from the cold air from the nearby Alps and therefore, what was not a good year for most Italian wines, was an interesting year for the wines of the North which benefited from the extra sun.
The bouquet of Gattinara 2003 is very similar in intensity to that of Nebbiolo from Langa (Barbaresco, Barolo). On the palate there is a dried fruit sweetness. The wine is recognizable for its fullness and the intensity and its concentrated flavours and aromas, a reflection of the climatic conditions of the year.
– This wine is no longer commercially available. A small stock is retained by the company for tastings and specialist private sale. –

  • Gambero Rosso

    2 Red Glasses: A very good to excellent wine

    Gattinara DOCG 2003
  • Guida Oro - i Vini di Veronelli

    Sun: «The 2003 from this young company has taken us back to the glory of days gone by»

    Gattinara DOCG 2003
  • L'Espresso - Vini d'Italia

    3 Bottles: A good wine

    Gattinara DOCG 2003


Gattinara DOCG – The vintages

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