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After a long cold winter, the hottest summer of the century carried into early September when short rains allowed the vines to complete the process of maturation of the grapes.
It should be noted that in Alto Piemonte, unlike the rest of the region, the particularly hot summer did not make the grapes over mature. This is due to the fact that, in general, the cool air flowing down from the Alps, just north of here, causes significant changes in temperature between day and night, thus preserving the aromas of the grapes.
Ghemme 2003 is a direct reflection of the climatic characteristics of the harvest. The conditions in the vineyard can be found in the bottle, ripe mature-fruit aromas with an unusual sweetness and fullness of body, very different from other years. The appeal of this wine is in its softness and sweet fragrances that have taken the place of the more typical savoury, austere character of the wines of Alto Piemonte.

  • Gambero Rosso

    2 Black Glasses : Wine ranging from very good to excellent

    Ghemme DOCG 2003
  • Guida Oro - i Vini di Veronelli

    3 Red Stars: A good, drinkable, pleasant wine

    Ghemme DOCG 2003
  • L'Espresso - Vini d'Italia

    3 Bottles: A good wine

    Ghemme DOCG 2003

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