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There are only some 150 acres of prized vineyards in this limited area.
The special climatic conditions, particularly the large changes of temperature between day and night due to the cold winds coming down from Monte Rosa, develop the aromatic properties of the grape.

The clay based soil and westerly exposure of the hills of Ghemme create a unique wine known throughout the ages for its richness, fullness of flavour and ability to mesmerise when at its best.

Colour ruby-red with orange edges as it develops.
Nose delicate, with suggestions of violet and liquorice.
The tannins are soft, but the wine retains its bite with the years.

Whilst ready for drinking after approximately 5 years, it has exceptional longevity.

  • WOW - The Wine Italian Competition

    Silver Medal: voto di qualità tra 90 e 94 centesimi e un punteggio di tipicità di 5 decimi, assegnata ai grandi vini a un soffio dal massimo riconoscimento

    Ghemme DOCG 2014

Ghemme DOCG – The vintages

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