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The vines suffered from an extremely dry summer but the harvest was saved by intermittent rains in September. The grapes were harvested earlier than usual, healthy but with small grapes whose maturation suffered from the lack of water, thus giving greater concentration. Despite the untypical nature of the vintage, the wine preserves all the essential characteristics of a great Ghemme.
In the bouquet we find the typical notes of leather tobacco, powerful and persistent, which then give space to inviting notes of alcohol. On the palate the body is full with good levels of sapidity and acidity. An unusual Ghemme for those who seek a more traditional style of wine.

  • Guida Oro - i Vini di Veronelli

    3 Red Stars: A good, drinkable, pleasant wine

    Ghemme DOCG 2001


Ghemme DOCG – The vintages

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